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BTW, my middle name is Ernest (That's Hemingway next to me, at the Floridita Bar in Havana).


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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Puerto Rico 2022

Blog – Puerto Rico 2022

Finally--traveling again!  Mary and I planned to return to Nicaragua last November, but covid and political unrest switched our destination--to Puerto Rico, for the first time.  Covid led to postponement to January, when covid spike resulted in again postponing.  

Mary’s friend, Nancy, and her husband, Carl, are joining us.  Until a couple years ago, Mary and Nancy were neighboring vendors at Salem’s Organic Saturday Market, Nancy selling produce from their Willamette Valley farm, Mary selling freshly roasted organic coffee.

Great connections, hour layover in Houston.  Arrival at 1:13 am in San Juan is something of a redeye.  I informed Hotel Casablanca in Old San Juan to not give away our suite.  We won't get rental car until Monday, following our 3 days in San Juan.  

Flights uneventful, both about 4 hours long.  Arrived in San Juan at 1:30 am, 10;30 Pacific time.  We settled in to our first floor suite at Casablanca Hotel, in Old San Juan. 


Friday, our first day in Old San Juan, Carl’s niece, Carissa, is a nutritionist, living here, picked us up, took us to a nearby beach.  In the afternoon we joined a walking tour of Old San Juan.  ‘Not too taken with the young tour guide, Mary & I excused ourselves, Nancy, Carl & Carissa continued on.  Mary and I found a small liquor store/humidor & enjoyed a cigar with rums.


Dinner at 9 at Sofia’s #1 ranked restaurant per TripAdvisor.  Our lasagna & spaghetti dinners were good.


Saturday morning, we just missed out on being seated for breakfast at Mallorca Restaurant.  Found an alternative around the corner.  I got an Uber account, we caught a ride to Castillo de Morro.  ‘Big fort with a long history.  While weather forecast was for 100% chance of rain, we managed to avoid all but a few drops. Walking back from the fort, we stopped at swanky cigar lounge and had cigars & drinks.  Then on to La Pirata Pizza, a block before our hotel.


Hot tub on the hotel roof was welcoming, after a day of walking.  Carissa jointed us, followed by a visit in the hotel lounge.  Lights flickered.  Power outages on the island are reportedly common, but we had few outages during our trip.


Sunday, after breakfast at the hotel, we walked to nearby Castillo San Cristobal.  Smaller than El Morro, we didn’t venture up to the top ramparts.


While streets have an historic feel, skylines in Old San Juan are not that striking. We walked down to the waterfront, where Carissa picked us up.  She took us to a couple of beach spots & a vista overlooking the city, before going to dinner near her condo.  Drinks were great and food too, including mofango (which I didn’t take a liking to).  


Monday morning Carl & I ubered to the airport, got our sport utility rental car, retuned to our hotel, to retrieve Mary & Nancy & our luggage.  Snug fit.  We programmed navigator to head west to Rincon.  I had considered taking local roads near the northern coastline, but thought better of it & we stayed on the main toll road.  ‘Good decision.  While distances in Puerto Rico are small, comparted to Latin American countries Mary & I have frequented, those side roads would have made for a long day.


We took a detour to Crash Boat Beach, northwestern corner of the island.  Surprisingly, we encountered a stop-and-go traffic jam in the early afternoon.  The beach was a disappointment, particularly because of all the trash in the parking lot.


Continuing on to our Airbnb (AB) destination, Casa Mariola, a few km south of Rincon, we followed the navigator link and found the house perched above the surf without many stops.  Cleaning confusion—house wasn’t ready for us.  I was able to reach Mariela, AB host & she got cleaners in while we went to dinner at the Beach House—great drinks, food & ocean view.  ‘Watched sunset with live music.


Casa Mariola is perched above the shore, waves lapping beneath the deck.  There wasn’t much difference between low & high tides, beach not walkable even at low tide.  The sound of the surf was nice.  Commanding view of the ocean to the west/southwest.  We didn’t get much sunset color our 3 nights. 


Lots of creature sounds at Casa Mariola.  Birds, coqui frogs (at times a crescendo).  And, the rooster.   Who unfortunately doesn’t realize he’s supposed to sound off only at daybreak.  The container of earplugs by the bedside was a clue that the rooster comes with the location.


First night in Rincon the power cord to my laptop gave out.  It had looked sketchy for a long time.  I didn’t proactively replace it.  A MacBook with magnetic power connection, I was resigned to not finding a replacement in Puerto Rico.  On vacation—forced break from computer-time.  ‘Opportunity to get smarter using my iPhone.


Navigator didn’t keep us on track, but after a couple of reversals we found the lovely B&B English Rose for breakfast, high in the hills.  As advertised, great food.


Many beaches around Rincon.  Our favorite was Black Eagle, with palms spaced well for hanging hammocks. Mary snorkeled near the landing for small boats.   We enjoyed a dinner on the patio at nearby Copa Llena, enjoying a colorful sunset.


Thursday moving day, to Coamo in the southern highlands.  A couple of choices on route, I chose the route through the mountains.  A recommended outing from Rincon that wasn’t much off our path, we stopped at Gozalandia Falls.  Mary was feeling poorly, waiting for antibiotics to kick in—she had diagnosed herself as suffering from a UTI & suspected the hot tub on the roof at Hotel Casablanca was the source.  Carl & I walked down steps to a vantage of the falls, enveloped by lush foliage.  Next planned stop was Café Gran Batey, a coffee finca, but Mary was looking forward to getting to our destination, so we skipped.  We also skipped Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas, famous for promoting environmental efforts.  Roads were narrow & curvy, foliage, including stands of bamboo, verdant.  Carl was a steady chauffer (‘so glad I nominated him to drive the entire trip!).


The link that to our Coamo AB host Manuel sent to my phone didn’t work.  Fortunately, he was available in the mid-afternoon—to come lead us up Estancia Don Polito, high in the hills.  Much drier climate here, with expansive views toward the south coast.  Spacious 3-bedroom, with a big veranda where the breeze was refreshing.  


Next morning we stopped for a soak at long-established Coamo Hot Springs.  Two pools, one supposed hotter that the other.  Both were comfortable.  ‘Chatted with locals who come often.  Fortunately, not crowed.


There was a choice of routes to our final stay in Luquillo.  Navigator warned we might encounter a slowdown if we took the east coast route, so we stayed on the road toward San Juan, veering east before getting into the city.


Again, link on my phone for our VRBO at Playa Azul didn’t work.  I called Ed, VRBO contact and he answered, came & guided us to the VRBO & stayed to orient us—congenial guy, originally from the mainland.  


“Change your Latitude” VRBO is right across the street from Playa Azul, with palms receptive to hanging hammocks, which Mary did most days.  She did have a close call—was on a bathroom break when the wind knocked down a big, dead frond.  It fell into her hammock!  


Dinner first night in Luquillo--La Fonda Gourmet.  Ironically, meals served in styrofoam.  Tasty, but, as we found throughout the island, prices were not inexpensive, as we’ve been accustomed to in Latin America.  ‘About what we pay in the States these days.   


The VRBO was 2-bd. But 2nd bedroom had a bunkbed.  I was going to see if I could sleep ok on the futon in the living room, but fortunately agreed with Mary’s suggestion—we brought the mattress from the top bunk out & put in on the futon—which worked well for me & positioned me to not miss sunrises.  Each morning we had colorful sunrises, framed by the palms.


The rainforest is a major draw for coming to this corner of the island.  Not far from the beach.  With a reservation to enter El Yunque Nat’l Park Monday, on Sunday we followed Ed’s suggestion and found Las Paylas, a cascading stream east of the park.  We watched a group of young adults brave the slide, some likely having bruises the next day, testaments to their courage!


Having read about 7 Seas Beach, we arrived at mid-day.  Very hot, without snorkels.  It looked like a calm area to explore.  We didn’t find a lunch spot, made our way back to Playa Azul and Boardriders, a 5-minute walk from our lodging, for yummy fish tacos.


Per my phone, Smoky Joe’s is #1 BBQ spot at the west end of our beach, but after wending our way through the maze of streets in the neighborhood, no sign of Smoky Joe’s.  A resident said it’s over at the food kiosks at Luquillo Beach.  We found them, very crowed, lots of trash.  ‘Sat down at one of them, glanced at the menu, then the noise and crowding overcame us & we returned to Boardriders for fish tacos one more time.


Monday, our last full day, we arrived at the entrance to El Yunque at 8 am, as we’d read tour buses later in the day can ruin the tranquility of the rainforest.   We took a couple of short hikes to waterfalls, watched young families frolic in the pools under the falls.  ‘Nice lunch at the new visitors’ center, fresh breezes given the mountain elevation.


Monday night we walked to nearby C-Note Jazz Club, owned by Charley Sepulveda, Grammy winner.  Charley was there and joined the trio (organ, drums & guitar) with his baby trumpet for one number—exquisite!  During the break, Mary, Carl & I lit up cigars.  I wasn’t fond of the one commissioned for Obama.


Tuesday return to the airport & dropping off the rental car was uneventful.  My route home was via Newark, while Mary, Nancy & Carl changed planes in Houston, so we said our goodbyes in the San Juan Airport.


Ideal layovers of about one hour, but 4-6 hour plane rides are becoming an ordeal--In my mid 70s, I’m finding that my enthusiasm for traveling is waning.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Oaxaca 2020

2/14/20 Oaxaca-Huatulco Blog, Feb 2020

Friday night, Oaxaca.  Our Wed flights were all-in-all smooth.  Concerned about only a 45-minute layover in LAX, I asked for assistance deplaning & a wheel chair was waiting for me.  It was not that far between Delta gates.  I  joined up with Mary and Deanna for the flights to MEX and on to Oaxaca.  My roller bag barely fit in the smaller overhead on the flight to Oaxaca, but it did, so while Mary & Deanna were waiting for their checked bags, I bought collectivo tickets & we were on on our way in to downtown Oaxaca and CasAntica, converted 15th century monastery where we have stayed before.  Grand suite on the 3rd floor.  Mary & Deanna’s king bed was super hard.  Other than that, lovely location.  Staff seemed less with it than in the past.

We briefly freshened up Wed night and went across the street to El Catedral for a wonderful dinner.  Guitarist was great, as was his voice.  Food was excellent, staff attentive.

Thursday morning, we asked for a taxi, made a deal with Pepe to accompany us through the market at Zaachila, about half an hour south of the city.  He was perfect—accommodating, pleasant.  We began by visiting the cemetery & the street with Day of the Dead murals.  Then through the market, Mary & Deanna buying some things, catching pics of vendors, stopping for helados (ice cream).  Regrettably, we failed to get Pepe’s phone #--to call for future trips in Oaxaca.

Thursday eve we went to a small pizza place around the corner from the hotel, remembering it favorably from prior stays at CasAntica.  It was OK, but we were less impressed than in the past.

Friday morning, we took the 2-decker sight-seeing bus that left a block from CasAntica.  Tour guide was Spanish-speaking.  Tour went north—Reforma neighborhood.  We had expected to see more churches.  ‘Nice morning.  We had some close calls dodging overhanging branches.

We checked with El Catedral about Valentine’s Day eve reservations.  Already all taken, we went there for a late lunch instead.  Again, very happy with our meals & the service.   

After lunch, we moved to Hotel Casona de Oaxaca, a few blocks from CasAntica, as when we reserved a few weeks ago, CasAntica didn’t have a room that worked for the 3 of us.   A block west of the zocalo, we did some people watching along the zocalo & bought some clothing from street vendors.

Our room at La Casona was less suite-like than the layout at CasAntica—one room.  But high ceiling.  Mary & Deanna’s beds more comfortable that the rock-hard king bed at CasAntica.  My pullout had inners-spring mattress.  Not that uncomfortable, but the gals heard me tossing & turning the first night.

Saturday morning we had breakfast with Ann, sister of Julie, my dear co-worker of many years at the state hospital.  Some year ago, Julie & Steve began wintering here in Oaxaca.  They loved it so much Ann & her partner, Bob, Seattleites, began wintering here too.  3 years ago, Julie began having health issues that have prevented her from coming to Mexico.   Ann & Bob continue to come here for a few winter months—a fine snowbird option to wintering in Seattle. 

Ann mentioned numerous things to do here.  Given we are leaving in the morning, we weren’t able to follow up on many this time.  We did follow her suggestion for lunch at Marco Polo, along El Llano, where the shrimp are more than plentiful.  After cabbing to the restaurant, we walked back, by way of Santo Domingo church & neighborhood.  Unable to eat her 3rd shrimp taco, Mary found an old man carrying a load, to give it to.  He clearly was most appreciative.

Sunday ride in Andres’ taxi went smoothly, but was long—7 to 8 hours.  ‘Makes the 1-hour plane flight look like the better option, even with rides to & from airports.  We got 5 kilos of Finca El Pacifico organic green coffee beans, as we descended toward the coast.  While Mary has closed her Saturday market booth, she continues to roast for her regulars—including our Pop’s Cottage vacation rental. We got to Huatulco about 5 pm.  At Holiday Inn, we joined up with Sevenia & her friend, Trina.  Sevenia is a former housemate of Deanna’s.  Trina is her friend of many years.

I have a king bed room to myself, main floor, 2 doors from the pool, Marina view—I awake daily to sunrise over the harbor.  Mary & Deanna also have Marina view, 2nd floor, above me.  Sevenia & Trina have another 2nd floor room.  All beds are super, AC works well—nice digs.

First night meal at Juanita’s, at Chahue Beach.  We were greeted by Juanita, a Canadian who relocated here 23 years ago.  Delicious shrimp tacos.

Monday, we taxied to Playa La Entrega.  Sat under umbrellas, had guacamole & drinks.  Snorkeled. Never a strong swimmer, I used to be at ease, venturing out with mask & fins, in search of coral & colorful fish.  I’m not as comfortable now, even though my rotator cuff tear isn’t noticeably painful.

For dinner, we went in to Crucecita, to Alfredo’s for dinner.   A couple years ago, Mary took a cooking class from Alfredo.  He joined our table for awhile.  Live music provided by a young gal from Portland, lovely voice.  She asked for suggestions from the audience.  Alas, didn’t know my request—“Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather”.

Slow day Tuesday.  Buffet breakfast here at the Holiday Inn, pool time.  Early dinner at highly-rated Mercader, small restaurant just through the zocalo.  I enjoyed my  Pad Thai.  ‘Small place, reservation recommended.

Wed am, Mary & I went to Niko’s Organic Coffee for breakfast.  ‘Chatted with a retired gal from Vancouver Island.  She spends 4-5 winter months here with her Peruvian husband.  She was enjoying her coffee after a morning bike ride.

I then went next door to G&A Image Care, for a pedicure and haircut.  The shop owner remembered me—from my haircut a couple of years ago.

Deanna had reserved a sunset sailing from marina nest door, for 3:15 pm.  By 3:45, we began to wonder.  We then realized the reservation was for Thursday, NOT Wednesday!  Back to the pool.  If we’d been on schedule, we would have been treated to an amazing sunset, as we caught glimpses of it as we arrived at Mama Elza's, near Chahue Beach, for burgers, fries & carrot cake for dinner.  Mama Elza’s is a glorified food cart with tasteful outdoor seating.  Elza’s friendly, English-speaking son again served us, claimed he remembered us from past visits.

Thursday, Mary, Deanna & Trina took a road trip along the coast, with Andres, visiting Zipolite, Mazunte, stopping to snorkel at our off the beaten path beach just east of Puerto Angel.

Friday morning, we boarded Johan’s outboard, for a trip along the coast.  ‘No luck finding por-uses, whales or big sea turtles.  We stopped to snorkel at Playa La India.  Then beached at Playa Maguey.  Mary’s tummy was rumbling, so she and I caught a cab from there, while the other gals boated back to Santa Cruz with Johan, reporting afternoon wind picking up, making the ride rougher—Mary was happy she jumped ship!

We had been looking forward to Friday Tacos at Juanita’s, Chahue Marina—which we’d heard of our first night in Huatulco.  Arriving just before 5 pm Happy Hour, we were informed taco special ended at 4.  Oh, well.  We stayed for happy hour & sunset.

Mary & I then proceeded to Las Brisas, Tongolunda Bay, our fancier lodging for our final 4 nights.  Huge resort built in to the hillside.  Most guests are all-inclusive.  We have just breakfast included.  While described as “garden-view”, we do have ocean views, through big trees.

The breakfast buffet is huge.  I can’t imagine going all-inclusive.  I wasn’t remotely ready for eating again mid-day.  Deanna joined us for the evening.  We were all disappointed with our fish dinners at one of the Las Brisa restaurants.  Mary’s fish tacos were the worst.  We bid Deanna farewell, as she cabbed back to Holiday Inn for a last night sharing the room with Sevenia & Trian.  They flew home Sunday.

Sunday, Mary & I had ocean front seating for breakfast buffet at El Mexicano Restaurant.  We staked out our beach chairs, proceeded to snorkel around the reef in the bay, then moved on to the adult-only pool, for more swimming & reclining in the shaded lounge chairs, before requesting a little car to bring us back to our room, to rest during the heat of mid-day.

Each place we’ve stayed Internet has been readily available.  I am learning that some emails aren’t reaching me.  Others get stuck in my outbox.  Despite those glitches, I’ve taken care of Lowry Rentals business—filled 3 vacancies with what look like excellent new tenants.  It came down to the wire, but with a single day to spare, I got takers for 2 Whistler Westin stays, Feb 22-25 & 25-29. Several months ago, when I found last week of Feb available, I grabbed it, confident that I could flip it.  3 important Vancouver Habitat volunteers are going to take all nights.

Sunday afternoon, Mary & I took a taxi in to Hotel Villa Blanca for an early dinner.  Mary’s favorite place to stay in Huatulco, but no luck getting a room in the winter there—Canadian regulars tie up the whole place.  Mary came in late September, with her friend Katie.  when Villablanca had rooms—and at a discounted rate—because it was much hotter & more humid that time of year—no wonder rooms are available then—definitely low season. 

Andres joined us at Villablanca, for a drink, bringing along his wife & lovely 3-yo daughter.

Monday, after breakfast buffet, we taxied in to town for last-minute shopping.  Mary found a leather belt for Paul, I got shirts for the grandkids.  Back to the beach in the afternoon, after the heat of the day, for one more snorkel & reclining in the shade.

We caught a ride up to the orange tower neighborhood of the huge Las Brisas resort, to capture the sunset.  

Andres took us to the airport at 8 am Tuesday.  He took pics of Mary & me in front of the HUATULCO sign near the entrance to Las Brisas.  

Deanna warned us that the LAX customs + change of planes would be an ordeal.  Departing Huatulco, we asked for wheelchairs for both Mary & me.  They were waiting in MEX and allowed us to bypass some long lines.  And, 2 more wheel chairs for us in LAX, where they were a huge help!  I intend to play the frail elder card with future air travel!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Portugal, November 2019

Blog, Portugal, Nov 1 – 13, 2019
Danielle took us to Sea Tac, plenty of time to catch our first leg—To Chicago.  Next, redeye to Heathrow.  I watched a couple of movies, including The Art of Racing in the Rain—tears welded up a couple of times, knowing that  CoCo does not have much more time…
We kept waiting for our gate to be announced for our next flight—to Madrid.  After more than hour of delay, it was clear we wouldn’t make our connection in Madrid, for Porto (AKA Oporto).  We got to the Iberia desk in time to get on an earlier plane, that got us to Madrid in time to make our flight to Porto.  But our luggage didn’t come on that flight.  The process for applying for lost luggage was relatively painless & Iberia Airlines brought our bags to the hotel the next day.
Lucy has gone on several Knitting with Nicky tours.  Kate has gone on a couple (South of France, Florence & Venice), Nate on the one to Prague, Vienna & Budapest.  Providing I can add my own thing afterwards (4 nights in Barcelona), I agreed to come along.  A group of almost 30, there are 5 of us husbands, one making an effort to knit. 
In writing this blog, I am borrowing extensively from the itinerary Nicky sent.  Gate1 is our tour company. Ercillia (Celia) is our excellent Portuguese guide & keeps us moving.  I can’t remember getting up by alarm clock day after day since retiring 17 years ago!
We arrived a day early, as Lucy likes to do on these tours.  We visited the train station in Porto’s historic downtown, famous for its murals with Nicky, her husband Howie & Emily.

We then hiked up the street, bought our tickets & got in line to visit the bookstore made famous by Harry Potter movies.  Emily, with a career in publishing, found the bookstore over-rated.  They have certainly figured out how to cash in on tourism!

After greeting dinner in Porto Sunday eve, we toured Porto Monday, visiting a port winery, taking a cruise on the Douro River, got caught in a rain squall.

After cloudy & rainy weather, we were greeted with blue skies Tuesday as we bused north, to birthplace of nation of Portugal—towns of Guimaraes & Braga, visiting historic castles & churches.

Wednesday, after saying goodbye to the Crown Plaza Hotel in Porto, we bused though Buçaco National Park to Coimbra, the third-largest city in Portugal, to visit the University of Coimbra, among the oldest universities in Europe with more than 700 years of history. In the afternoon, on to Fatima, one of the most important Catholic shrines in the world, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Its Sanctuary welcomes millions of pilgrims each year, from all over the world. Fatima's fame is due to the Apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary that appeared to three shepherd children in 1917. 

On to Tomar, staying at Hotel Dos Templarios.
Thursday, 11/7, after a nice breakfast buffet, we visited hilltop Convento de Christo, Celia giving us the history of the castle.  After first few days of intermittent rain & only brief periods of sun, a beautiful, sunny morning.  I took so many pics my camera battery died, so I had to return to the hotel room to charge it, before visiting historic center of Tomar in the afternoon.  'Spent a 2nd night in Tomar.

Friday, continuing on our Mercedes Benz bus, we stopped at Castelo de Vide.

On to the cork factory.  Celia talked up the great buys to be had there.  My wallet, purchased in Istanbul almost 5 years ago, is beginning to age.  The cork ones at the factory were not designed to securely hold credit cards.  Lucy was excited about making a deal--having cork fabric shipped to her. 

Night in Evora.  As we entered our “non-smoking” room in the hotel, it had a noticeable smell of stale cigarette smoke.  Fortunately, we got a differed room, which is fine—big, nice view toward historic town on the hill.  Celia took us on a walking tour the next morning, starting with the castle, then along cobblestone streets with shops.  We got Rowan a cow bell.

Saturday we got to know Evora, it’s walls, cathedral, cobbled streets.
Sunday we arrived in Lisbon.  We began with a view of the16th century Belem Tower, a monument to Portugal's Age of Discovery.  Next, we visited the Jeronimos Monastery, an impressive symbol of the country's power and wealth and resting place of explorer Vasco de Gama. We then walked through the winding cobblestone streets of Alfama, the old Fisherman's Quarter.

Monday we bused to the countryside near Lisbon. ‘Was raining on arrival in medieval Obidos, with its walls, labyrinth of cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses, and beautiful vistas.

The bus continued on to Alcobaça, to visit the Church of Santa Maria. It was the first building in Portugal to adopt the Gothic style and is the largest church in the country. We viewed the decorated tombs of King Pedro I and his lover Inês de Castro.

 Lastly, we stopped for lunch at the charming fishing harbor of Nazaré before heading back to Lisbon.
Tuesday, after knitting class & shopping at yarn shop, we bused to quaint Sintra, the “Glorious Eden” of Lord Byron, and ancient summer retreat of the royal court, highlighted by lavish romantic castles and stunning monuments. 'Visited 15th century Sintra Royal Palace, containing one of the largest tile collections in Portugal. 

Lunch in the Village Historical Center.  I enjoyed the house pizza.  During a visit to the bathroom, I felt a slight brush, as a guy passed by, while I was old man taking extra time to fully finish voiding.  On return to our table, I discovered that my wallet, that should have been in my zippered pocket, was not there!  I didn’t immediately recall the close encounter in the bathroom, hoping I had left the wallet in the hotel room.  But, on return, it was not there.  Contacting Chase bank about the Visa & debit cards that were in the wallet, I was informed the thief had already tried to go wild with it.  Attempts for larger purchases, including a 4500 Euro purchase at a jewelry store, were denied.  Fortunately, the bank readily held me harmless.  I should learn—I had my wallet lifted while getting on a train in Naples a few years ago, as well as separated from my wallet & camera on a crowded bus in Mexico City years ago.  Third time's the charm, right--I declare I'm now immune to future pickpocketing!
Farewell dinner Tuesday night was delicious.  I was sad I didn’t have a better appetite.  This trip has involved lots of big meals, beginning each morning with breakfast buffets.
Before leaving home, 12 & ½ year old CoCo was ailing.  A few weeks ago, her left eye socket suddently began receding.   She began losing her appetite. After the vet prescribed steroids, her appetite came back gangbusters.  But she began panting a lot & having problems with control.  Christina, our apartment manager, has always been fond of CoCo & is one of the most devoted dog owners I’ve ever met. If her Lab, Louie, hasn’t had at least an hour’s exercise for the day, she feels totally neglectful.  As our trip progressed, Christina reported CoCo became increasingly weak, in spite of being in good spirits.
With CoCo failing fast, we decided on Tuesday to cancel the 4 days in Barcelona that I had planned.  Both of us were also suffering from colds.  We were able to get flights home, overnighting near Heathrow.   We didn’t make it home it time to say our goodbyes to CoCo.  Dustin was there, with the gentle assistance of pet hospice.  CoCo now rests on the Chrisella hillside, with our pets spanning 4 decades.
While I looked forward to our 4 days in Barcelona, it’s fortunate that we didn’t extend our Iberian stay.  My research is a foundation for another trip.